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"The profoundly beautiful learning experience I received from my daughter Grace's simple life is the reason behind all we do.  I get the feeling that ithis gift could be harnessed and spread to all humans, it would truly heal most of the problems we experience on earth." 
-Joan Bucchino President of J. Grace Corporation and founder of Grace For a Cure, a 501c3 non-for-profit organization


THE MESSAGE: Grace had a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPSIIIB) which is caused by a missing enzyme that would normally break down cellular waste.  With this condition, storage occurs and over time the excessive build-up causes irreversible damage.  Does this sound familiar?  What is interesting about this particular disease is that it is the same thing that we experience as a human race when too much storage (of any type) happens in our bodies, minds, and the environment we all share.  This is happening to all kids on a smaller scale but is nevertheless a serious problem that needs to be addressed by uniting communities in a new kind of way.    Drastic technological and societal changes have affected the way children grow up, and as we have all seen can wreak havoc on their ability to function well and to be happy and whole.  Fortunately, there is a remedy for this and children can still experience "whole health" in this day and age and function as simple peaceful leaders with the knowledge, experience, and power to protect themselves, staying well as they grow into adulthood.    The ultimate cure for anything and everything is prevention.


THE GIFT: Grace was a very simple joy-filled girl.  She only lived in the moment, and that is why she was always happy!  Grace had special learning needs and she benefitted greatly from early behavioral intervention with very talented teachers.  This sparked the creation of a fun learning experience for young ones that can significantly contribute to their self-esteem by providing them with daily opportunities to experience self-administered accomplishment in the form of a game that is highly motivational and played together with their peers.  Invented by Grace's Mom with her other daughter's help, we call this patented learning method "Graceplay" when we grant it for free (1 week of play) and SMARTgame® when it is purchased by schools, camps, wellness centers, pediatrician offices, etc. (6 weeks of play).  The all-inclusive, fully integrated learning experience carries through children's homes, and classrooms, and out into their communities where they are recognized for their smart, positive, healthy decision-making skills.   The gift of this simple little game that organizes motivates, and unites came directly from Grace.  Grace means "gift," so in her 13 years on earth, she certainly lived up to her name.  



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