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United in Sustainable Living

For a brighter tomorrow, and a healthy today!

Hi, I'm Joan Bucchino, MSEd, CLC .  The journey towards 1GreenNation started in 2005 when I founded the 501c3 non-for-profit organization Grace for a Cure after my then 4-year old daughter Grace was diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. I started out by hosting fundraisers but I soon realized that traditional fundraising efforts would not be enough to make a dent in curing such a rare, "unheard-of" disease. 


At the time, behavioral teachers were working in my home every day with Grace because she needed a great deal of support with learning.  From watching the effective behavioral methods Grace's teachers used, I had an idea to create a game that could inspire all young children to grow up with a solid set of healthy habits so they can stay well as they grow.   My other daughter Julia and I tested it and it worked, she was sleeping in her own bed from the first day she played. 


I decided to take this game to schools and it helped to focus elementary students on what was most important, their own self-care.   It also provided their teachers and parents a way to connect together in support of the daily, healthy actions students were completing for a full 6-week period.  Soon magical things started happening in my town because of Grace's game!   One hundred thousand fruit and vegetable servings were eaten by students (grades K-5) in one week when they played the "Five each day" game and collectively electric bills started going down all around me as kids as young as 6-years old encouraged their parents to save energy with LED bulbs. 


Today 1GreenNation supports commercial businesses in obtaining energy saving products to "green" and beautify their spaces and our unique SMARTgame® "Love my Planet" grant program improves the lives of educators, students, and their families who benefit from the purchases our customers make.  This effort enables us to generate awareness towards a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome as well, please click below to learn more:  

Our energy efficiency products and our SMARTgame® grants create a smarter, safer world for the businesses we serve.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and our service will make you smile.  That's our promise to Grace and one we will always keep.

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Joan Bucchino, MSEd, CLC
President, 1GreenNation by J. Grace


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1GreenNation by J. Grace Corp.

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