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Connect with our team and learn how we can make your business and home upgrades an easy and meaningful process.

We Help Communities Shine 

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We are experienced utility company partners and can support you with incentives, grants and vetted installation professionals to help with your energy and sustainability goals.  We have been providing quality products for building efficiency projects in New York City and surrounding areas for 8 years and we have it down to a science.   We are also youth whole-wellness educators, so we then "Shine it forward" by providing sustainable living lessons to elementary school children in your community.  

Eco friendly, green company culture concept. Carbon neutral and net zero target. Sustainab

Mindful Snack" activity with young students in Huntington, NY

With us, "Going Green" is An Easy, Affordable & Meaningful Project 


We would not be who we are without our customer and community focused mentality, which is at the core of everything we do. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to your building upgrades. Get in touch to learn more.


Our customers deserve the highest quality products and the most affordable price and we know how to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. 


We have supplied millions of square feet of energy efficiency measures and have assisted our customers with install help as well.  The professional installers we work with are highly qualified and have also been contractors with ConEdison and other utility company programs for many years.  If you would like to use your own installer, we will still assist you with products, incentives and support. 


When you work with us, your savings are guaranteed.  We only sell products that will immediately lower your utility bills and pay for themselves completely over time!  Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.

Why use us for you're
Green Building Upgrades?

... Because we have experience and relationships that make the process easy, affordable, and sometimes even FREE! 

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Innovate LI Award Winner 

Click the icon and read an inspiring article about our Founder and CEO Joan Bucchino.  Joan's journey led to her mission which is to heal communities one building and child at a time via 1GreenNation and SMARTgame®.


NYC Accelerator Service Provider 

As an NYC Accelerator service provider, we support the mayor's office to assist citizens with their energy and sustainability goals.  Please click above to learn more about NYC accelerator and to see all of the programs we participate in.  NOTE:  We show up first on their list!

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Approved Con Edison Contractor

We have been a participating contractor with ConEdison for energy efficiency for 9 years and have made great progress helping to lower the carbon footprint of NYC and beyond!

Straight from the Source

To learn more about our holistic approach to creating
wide-spread sustainability click here:

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