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Renewable or clean energy generation prices and costs, financial concept _ Green eco-frien

The Time is NOW!

Generous incentives and grants are available now, but they diminish over time and can be exhausted at a moment's notice.  In NYC LED lighting incentives are going to disappear in 2025.  Work with us to learn how you can get help to afford you green building upgrades while there are city, state and government assistance available!

We participate in these and other NYS incentive programs - we can also assist you in other parts of the country - please fill out this form to provide us with your property information and we will contact you

NYSERDA Clean Heat Incentive Providers

There are very generous incentives available for changing from fossil fuels to electric heating and cooling.  As NYSERDA Clean heat contractors, we can help you find your way through this maze from audit, to install, to incentive dollars back in your pocket!  We help you with other incentives and grants as well.

NYC Accelerator Partners

We are referred by the mayor's office to assist customers with energy efficiency upgrades, clean heat, and solar.  Our relationship with NYC Accelerator enables us to serve you better.

ConEd Incentive Programs We Help You Navigate:

  • Small Business Incentive Program

  • Commercial and Industrial Incentive program

  • Multi-family Incentive program

  • Instant Lighting Incentive Program

  • Clean Heat Incentive program

  • Building Envelope Incentive program

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